Blue October


Protest at FAO office - agrochemicals polluting water

Blue October 2011 Sri Lanka
October 16 or 17 FAO World Food Day
Swarna Hansa Foundation (SHF)
At the FAO country office in Colombo
Contact Gallege Punyawardana email:
Telephone 94 1 1 2861981
Fax 94 1 1 2869901

The FAO has polluted our water, depriving us the basic human right, the right to water.
In our country, we had a network of Wew (reservoirs) built by our ancestors more than two thousand years ago.
With that we had an agricultural system that would last till the sun and moon last, that means in modern usage a sustainable agriculture.
At First the British colonials destroyed that system, but our ancestors rebuilt them and continued to do their traditional agriculture which was the way of living.
Our culture is agriculture. However the Anglo American plunderers or exploiters of natural resources of countries like ours started a new method of exploitation.
That is by introducing artificial chemical inputs in agriculture. That was done through the FAO. It is the FAO that did the brokerage for the FAO. In Ninteen sixtees they introduced chemical inputs in agriculture under their slogan of Green Revolution.
What actually the FAO did was to help Chemical input multinationals do their business.
Today, after forty years of their agriculture, our Wew (reservoirs) the basic source of water for living have been polluted with chemical residues, and as a result the whole of North Central Province of Sri Lanka has become a killing field by kidney disease.
Now it is spreading into other areas too.
Authoritative Agricultural Professors after extensive research have very clearly stated that the major cause Of the kidney disease now plaguing the country, particularly the North Central Province which is mainly an agricultural area, is the agro chemicals.

The FAO which introduced  the chemical inputs are responsible and accountable for the present unfortunate situation.
We have been requesting the FAO for the last two years to pay compensation for the destruction of (Pollution) Wew in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka, and also to desilt the Wew.
But they easily and sarcastically rejected.
This year in parallel with the Blue October and the World Food Day it is expected  that hundreds of Kidney patients will come all the way from 160 kilometers away to FAO office in Colombo and demand FAO to pay compensation for polluting water the basic human right and desilt all Wew in the Province and restore them to their unpolluted positions free from agro chemicals.