Blue October


Blue October update! / Lo nuevo de Octubre Azul

Great news from Ecuador! Communities from Tarqui and Victoria del Portete have said NO to mining that would jeopardize their water. During a community consultation process, where more than 1,000 indigenous people participated, 92.3% said NO to mining.

Some examples of what has happed this past week for Blue October:
All around Bolivia there have been screenings of water films, several tree planting campaigns and cultural events. In Colombia there was an encounter of community managed water systems and a film festival.

What’s up for this coming week?

Some of the events registered for Blue October are:
In the US, Take Back the Tap at University of Colorado at Boulder will be preparing a visual demonstration about the problems around consuming bottled water and in Maryland there will be a discussion regarding hydrofracking. A workshop on water struggles in Europe will be held in Brussels. In Mexico the movement of the communities affected by dams and in defense of rivers (MAPDER) will be marching on October 12 demanding the cancellation of several big dam projects. In Spain there will be a discussion regarding public water management.

If you would like to join, but don’t have anything scheduled yet, it is not too late! You can still plan something for later in the month or maybe you are already planning a water justice activity for this month that could be part of Blue October.

If you want to be part of this month of action and celebration please fill out the activity information and email it back to:
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