Blue October


What is Blue October?

What is Blue October?

Today, one in 6 people lack access to safe, affordable water, and 2 in 5 lack access to adequate sanitation. The United Nations expects these numbers to rise–unless we act now. Amid this crisis, some of the world’s wealthiest corporations–like Suez and Coca-Cola–are looking to profit, often at the expense of the poor. A vibrant international movement is challenging the corporate control of this precious resource, and protecting water as a public good and an inalienable right.

Blue October is an international month of action to challenge corporate control of water and to protect water as a shared natural resource available to all. On October 31, 2004, the people of Uruguay voted to amend their constitution to recognize this fundamental right. The Constitution now guarantees that piped water and sanitation be available to all Uruguayans, and it bans for-profit corporations from supplying this public good. Blue October celebrates this historic move by challenging corporate control of water through global action!

This website includes information about events that have happened all over the world since October 2006. We are expecting more countries to join this year!