Vancouver-based Eldorado Gold is taking advantage of the economic crisis in Greece to push through a combination of environmentally destructive open pit and underground mines against the will of communities and local governments. It is one of the first projects to benefit from a new fast-track law in Greece designed to enable foreign investors like Eldorado to forge ahead with their large-scales projects despite the significant threats to water and environment and regardless of strong public opposition.

Rather than condemn its activities, the Canadian government has been actively promoting the Eldorado mine through its embassy in Greece.

Please join us in demanding that the Canadian government suspend its support for Eldorado by signing this petition!

Last month the Council of Canadians co-sponsored a speaking tour that brought Vaggelis Lampakis (the mayor of Alexandroupoli in the Thrace region of Greece) and Maria Kadoglou (an activist from the Halkidiki peninsula) speak at the University of Ottawa about mines being developed in their country by Vancouver-based Eldorado Gold. They were accompanied by Tolis Papageorgiou who is also from the Halkidiki peninsula.

To read the blog by Council of Canadians political director, Brent Patterson:

Listen to the interview with Greek activists on

For more information regarding the mine, see the backgrounder by MiningWatch.

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