Madhuresh Kumar

Madhuresh Kumar does campaigns and policy advocacy work with the National Alliance of People’s Movements in India. He is a researcher and social activist, specializing in globalization and human rights issues. Madhuresh recently joined the Blue Planet Project team and will help monitor and promote the realization of the human right to water in India and around the world.


New Delhi, January 17: Even as a revised National Water Policy is being awaited Planning Commission of India has come up with a draft National water Framework Law. The document mentions that since National Water Policy has no legal standing a law will enable various state governments to enact their own policies and laws related […]


New Delhi, January 17: Today Finance Minister, Pranab Mukherjee held pre-Budget consultations with the members of Civil Society Organisations. Nearly 30 presentations were made on different aspects of the social sectors. With respect to the Water Sector some brief interventions were made at the meeting by CSO members.
Noted social activist Medha Patkar, National Convener, National […]


New Delhi, December 29 : World Bank funding in water sector have had a turbulent history in India. In 1993, they had to withdraw their funding from Sardar Sarovar Project on Narmada river after stiff opposition from Narmada Bachao Andolan nationally and internationally. For nearly next ten years World Bank didn’t support any major dams […]


The India Resource Centre reports, “Pepsico is claiming that it has achieved ‘positive water balance’ in India. Pepsico prominently states on its bottled water in India that Pepsico is ‘giving back more water than we take’. Pepsico’s claims are erroneous, misleading and deceptive. The company does not give back more water than it takes.”
The Centre […]

UPDATE: Alternatives needed to the Mullaperiyar dam

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Dec 112011

The Mullaperiyar dam is a 53-metre tall masonry gravity dam located in southern India. It was completed in 1895 on the Periyar River to divert water eastwards to the present-day state of Tamil Nadu. Although the dam is controlled and operated by Tamil Nadu, the dam is owned by and located in the state of […]

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