Claudia Campero-Arena

Claudia Campero is a Water Campaigner for Blue Planet Project and Food and Water Watch in Mexico. She helps coordinate with organizations around the world in international efforts such as celebrating Blue October and challenging the World Water Forum. She also promotes the human right to water and monitors water privatization in Mexico and other Latin-American countries to help raise awareness for action. She studied geography at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and holds a Masters in Urban Development Planning from the University College London. She is a founding and active member of COMDA (Coalition of Mexican Organizations for the Right to Water) that was part of the movement of the Rallies in the Defense of Water in Mexico City in 2006.

Picnic at the River

Posted by on April 22, 2012
Apr 222012

Today I participated in, what might have been seen by many in Mexico City, a romantic activity, but it is seen by others as a step to rescue this city from its madness and unsustainability. A group of more than 70 organizations promoted this picnic at the River de la Piedad in the heart of […]

Feb 082012

The threat of loosing their most sacred place to Canadian mining has brought together the Wixárika (Huichol) from different States of Mexico for a unprecedented collective prayer in Wirikuta.
The Huffington Post reports: “The Wixarika… hope to gain some insights in a historic “spiritual consultation” regarding the threats to their most sacred site, Wirikuta. The Huicholes […]


Last Wednesday several struggles related to Canadian mining corporations in Mexico met at the Embassy. This time the mobilization happened because of the death of Bernardo Méndez from San José del Progreso, Oaxaca. Bernardo was part of a demonstration against the intention of the municipality and Cuzcatlán, subsidiary company of Fortuna Silver, of giving additional […]


Last September, we shared the great news that the recognition of the right to water in the Mexican Constitution had been approved by the Senate and sent to local congresses for their vote. Now, we are able to share this update that we have achieved a majority of local congresses that favour this reform.
Press release, […]

Jan 102012

Today, around 50 people from Spain and different parts of the world rallied in front of the corporate offices of Aguas de Barcelona (Agbar) in its base city. We had all had good reason to speak out against this transnational. People from Greece, Philippines and Italy spoke about the struggles of fighting against water privatization […]

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