Koni Benson

Koni Benson supports local organizing for public services in South Africa. Since 2006 she has worked at the International Labour Research and Information Group (ILRIG) in Cape Town doing collaborative research, popular political education, and accessible publications for trade unions and social movements. She works with a network of informal settlements under threat of removal in campaigns to resist ‘slum’ eradication, and for access to public services including water, housing, and healthcare. She has a PhD in History and is currently producing life histories of unfolding political struggles of women shack dwellers collectively resisting slum clearance and displacement and fighting for access to housing in apartheid and post apartheid South Africa.


A new report by the Water Citizens’ Network in Ghana traces the history of resistance to pre-paid water metres and the successful campaign to stop the Ghanaian government’s most recent attempts to implement metering schemes. The report argues that the government’s latest initiative – a direct result of pressures from the World Bank and International […]

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