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Having won recognition of the Right to Water, we must now move on to the complexities of implementation. It is too easy for those responsible for implementation—and even activists—to gloss over these complexities as long held positions are incredibly comfortable. Making water affordable is one of the main barriers to overcome in order […]


After five years of struggle, activists from Phiri, Soweto, lost their legal case, Mazibuko and Others v. City of Johannesburg, at the Constitutional Court in October 2009. They had made the case that prepaid meters were unconstitutional and that the six kilolitres of free basic water must be increased and allocations made per […]

Jan 252012

Keeping an eye on a growing private sector footprint: Sembcorp acquires South Africa’s concessions and becomes one of the big five water and sanitation providers in Asia
Private sector acquisitions of water concessions in developing countries occur quietly through stock exchanges and negotiations amongst firms. Not only does this mean that the nature of […]

VIDEO: Climate Change and Water

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Dec 132011

Umphilo waManzi (isiZulu for Water is Life), a non-profit organization based in South Africa, was formed with the objective of helping to improve the livelihoods of and services to poor communities through research, advocacy, liaison, and accessible communication. Over the past two years it has been implementing the Durban component of […]

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