Building on more than two decades of opposition to the corporate capture of global water governance at the World Water Forum, held every three years, Global Water Justice Movements have come together to form a permanent People’s Water Forum. As the UN prepares to host its first conference on water in 40 years, the 2023 […]


From 29th November to 2nd December the Blue Planet Project joined over a thousand representatives from over one hundred countries, from grassroots movements, advocacy, human rights, and development organisations, feminist movements, trade unions, and other civil society organisations, in Santiago, Chile, and virtually, to discuss the critical role of public services for our future.  Read […]


A propósito de la próxima conferencia sobre agua de la ONU en Marzo de 2023 / Towards the next UN Water Conference in March 2023  (English follows) Llamamiento en Defensa del Agua A propósito de la próxima conferencia sobre agua de la ONU en Marzo de 2023 Ante la convocatoria realizada por la Asamblea General […]


The climate emergency, rising inequalities and the COVID-19 pandemic have reaffirmed the failures and limitations of the current neoliberal model to respond to crises and ensure a dignified life for all. Transforming the organisation of our economy is needed to confront the challenges the world is currently facing and to create societies that are fair, inclusive, socially-just, […]


A key member of the International Steering Committee of the 2022 Alternative World Water Forum/Forum Alternatif Mondial de l’Eau (FAME 2022), the Blue Planet Project will be strongly represented in Dakar, Senegal from March 21-26th as the Global Water Justice Movement (GWJM) challenges the corporate water agenda of the World Water Forum. Learn more about FAME […]

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