Water Justice News

Updates from around the world about the global water crisis, and the struggle for water justice.


The climate emergency, rising inequalities and the COVID-19 pandemic have reaffirmed the failures and limitations of the current neoliberal model to respond to crises and ensure a dignified life for all. Transforming the organisation of our economy is needed to confront the challenges the world is currently facing and to create societies that are fair, inclusive, socially-just, […]


A key member of the International Steering Committee of the 2022 Alternative World Water Forum/Forum Alternatif Mondial de l’Eau (FAME 2022), the Blue Planet Project will be strongly represented in Dakar, Senegal from March 21-26th as the Global Water Justice Movement (GWJM) challenges the corporate water agenda of the World Water Forum. Learn more about FAME […]


Twenty years after the Water War in Cochabamba (Bolivia), Marcela Olivera and Stefano Archidiacono reflect on “autogestión” of water as a practical and cultural dimension of the commons. A new piece for the series “Reimagining, remembering, and reclaiming water: from extractivism to commoning”. Although Bolivia was born as a centralist and unitarian state, there has always […]


The City of Cape Town seems to have finally realised, after 15 years of grassroots organizing that Water Management Devices (WMD) need to go. The bad news is that its new proposal will continue to deprive people of adequate water supplies.


Blue Communities are those that are committed to other ways of relating to nature. They protect water as a common good, are against its privatization and in favor of public community partnerships. The Blue Communities Project is an initiative that was born in Canada in 2009, created by the Council of Canadians and the Canadian […]

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