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Updates from around the world about the global water crisis, and the struggle for water justice.


Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow and Michigan-based Flow for Water chair Jim Olson presented to the International Joint Commission in Washington, DC on Tuesday December 13.
In her presentation, Barlow stated, “With so many wonderful people, elected officials and environmental groups working hard to save and protect the Great Lakes, what is the problem? In […]

VIDEO: Climate Change and Water

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Dec 132011

Umphilo waManzi (isiZulu for Water is Life), a non-profit organization based in South Africa, was formed with the objective of helping to improve the livelihoods of and services to poor communities through research, advocacy, liaison, and accessible communication. Over the past two years it has been implementing the Durban component of […]


The India Resource Centre reports, “Pepsico is claiming that it has achieved ‘positive water balance’ in India. Pepsico prominently states on its bottled water in India that Pepsico is ‘giving back more water than we take’. Pepsico’s claims are erroneous, misleading and deceptive. The company does not give back more water than it takes.”
The Centre […]

UPDATE: Alternatives needed to the Mullaperiyar dam

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Dec 112011

The Mullaperiyar dam is a 53-metre tall masonry gravity dam located in southern India. It was completed in 1895 on the Periyar River to divert water eastwards to the present-day state of Tamil Nadu. Although the dam is controlled and operated by Tamil Nadu, the dam is owned by and located in the state of […]

HidroAysén transmission line route announced

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Dec 072011

The Santiago Times reports, “On Monday, executives from Endesa and Colbún, the energy companies behind the controversial HidroAysén hydroelectric project slated for Patagonia, presented their proposed route for power lines to transfer electricity from five dams in southern Chile north to the central Metropolitan Region.” “The proposed route would run more than 1900 kilometres and […]

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