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Updates from around the world about the global water crisis, and the struggle for water justice.


We are horrified that on December 7, 2020, CME Group – the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange company – launched the world’s first futures market in water, opening up speculation from financiers and investors seeking to profit from the planet’s water crisis. The new futures market is linked to the spot water market in California, a […]

Apr 032020

The COVID-19 pandemic and the global responses to this crisis have exposed the world’s deepest inequalities. Social movements and solidarity-based organizations have a critical role to play in exposing the sources of systemic violence and in supporting the long-term measures to eradicate them. At the same time, marginalized communities are in need of immediate support […]


December 4, 2019 – 2:28pmEuropean Blue Communities meeting
I have just returned from Brussels where we wrapped up the first European Blue Communities meeting, co-sponsored by the Blue Planet Project, the European Federation of Public Service Unions, th…


May 22, 2019 – 11:28amCouncil of Canadians Honorary Chairperson, Blue Planet Project founder and internationally-renowned water activist Maude Barlow issued the following statement yesterday, May 21, 2019.
The Union of People Affected by Texaco (UDAPT)…


March 7, 2019 – 10:30am

Council of Canadians Honorary Chairperson Maude Barlow is in Paris, France as an invited guest speaker celebrating the 10th anniversary of “Eau de Paris,” the city’s public water system. She spoke in front of a hall full of pe…

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