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Events are moving rapidly to establish the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River as a carbon corridor for a newly aggressive North American energy industry. This poses the greatest threat yet to these waters.

No fracking way

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Mar 072014

This briefing reveals how a major trade deal currently being negotiated between the European Union and the United States, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, threatens the power of governments to protect communities, citizens and the environment from risky new technologies such as fracking. It calls on the EU and the US to exclude investor-state […]

Struggle for Right to Water in India

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Dec 122013

This paper explores the possibilities for the implementation of the Right to Water in the Indian context and is divided into four sections. Section one deals with the meaning of the right to water in Indian law; Section two deals with the challenges posted by increased mining, large dams, energy projects, land grabs, water privatization, discrimination and climate change; Section three looks at the policy framework and government’s response; and Section Four notes some recommendations and action points for the civil society and government which will make it possible to achieve the right to water.


The final book in Maude Barlow’s Blue trilogy, Blue Future is a powerful, penetrating, and timely look at the global water crisis — and what we can do to prevent it. The global water crisis has dramatically deepened. The stage is being set for drought on an unprecedented scale, mass starvation, and the migration of […]

May 242013

International Delegation to El Salvador, May 10-13, 2013  Preliminary Report From May 10-13 2013, an international delegation from 12 countries representing 22 human rights, social justice and environmental non-profit organizations and advocates, along with academics, journalists, artists and grassroots activists, carried out a three day tour of El Salvador to examine experiences with gold mining operations and […]

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