The Blue Planet Project’s mission is to encourage people to take action for water justice in their communities, their country and globally. We believe that education is empowerment, and crucial to building a global understanding that water is essential for life. To help in these efforts, we produce a wide variety of material that is available free for downloading and distribution from this website. If you would like more information about any of our materials, please contact us at 1-800-387-7177 or by e-mail at


As the world’s biggest water profiteer, the French multinational Veolia Environment has had to reinvent its corporate image several times over the decades because of corruption scandals, human rights violations and bad labour practices. Today, Veolia continues to seek new markets outside its traditional base in Europe. The company owns hundreds of subsidiaries, including Veolia […]


Español This paper examines three national-level strategies championed by social movement coalitions in El Salvador in order to address the freshwater crisis by challenging its systemic causes. These strategies include: a national ban on metal mining, a constitutional amendment recognizing the human right to water, and a general water law that legally establishes social control […]

Encuentro por la justicia del agua en Toronto

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Sep 032014

El Proyecto Planeta Azul se encuentra complacido de trabajar con aliados por la justicia del agua organizando un encuentro, que tendrá lugar del 8 al 11 de septiembre en Toronto. El encuentro reunirá a grupos de políticas y de defensa y activistas de Europa, las Américas, Asia y África que trabajan en temas de justicia […]

Toronto Water Justice Gathering

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Aug 252014

The Blue Planet Project and allies are organizing a Water Justice Gathering that will take place this September 8-11 in Toronto. It will bring together policy and advocacy groups and activists from Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa working on water justice issues.


(Download the Detroit FAQ PDF – 1.2MB) The Blue Planet Project works in collaboration with communities and groups around the world to protect the water commons and promote water as a human right. In May, activists in Detroit approached Blue Planet Project founder Maude Barlow about families who were having their water shut off because […]

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