Chaffee County, Colorado

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Apr 072017

Nestlé claims in that their history with the residents of Chaffee County, Colorado was an example of the kind of good corporate citizenship that the framework will help them foster. In reality, Chaffee County was a clear example of Nestlé up to its old tricks. Though Nestlé started buying up land in their community in 2007, the public wasn’t notified until 2009, giving them little time to organize opposition to the permitting process. Though the community was able to pressure Nestle to agree to a long list of conditions and concessions out of Nestlé, there is little way to ensure that these concessions will be enforced. Lastly, some local officials, including one member of the County Board of Commissioners, who approved the permit said they had some fear that if they opposed allowing Nestle the permit, Nestlé would have started with them one of the same costly legal battles that it had with other communities, despite the fact that, by some estimates, 80% of the 17,000 people opposed their proposal. The day the permit passed, hundreds of residents in Chaffee County rallied in opposition, but the permit stuck and so did Nestlé.

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