On the first anniversary of Bernardo Vasquez’s assassination: the struggle in San José del Progreso, Oaxaca goes on.

Today is the first anniversary of Bernardo Vasquez’s assassination. Bernardo was a community leader in San José del Progreso, Oaxaca, against a Fortuna Silver mine.

Today, a group of 200 people protested peacefully in front of the mine to mark the date. However a large group of people in favour of the municipal government and the mining project surrounded them and illegally blocked any way out. Moreover there were shots fired into the air with the obvious purpose to intimidate the protesters.

It is difficult to understand the full extent of what happens in San José del Progreso. In 2012 alone, there were different moments where citizens that want Fortuna Silver to leave their community were shot. In January, Bernardo Méndez was murdered. In March, Bernardo Vásquez suffered the same fate. In June, two were wounded by gun shots. In August, three were beaten, among them a brother of Bernardo Vásquez, who was thrown to a highway.

Community members live in a constant state of fear and rage for the situation.

In Mexico City, we marked the day by walking from the representation of the government of Oaxaca to the Canadian Embassy to highlight the responsibility of both for the continuing conflict existing in San José del Progreso.

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