While water is now undisputedly recognized by the United Nations as a human right, communities defending their right to water continue to face an uphill battle against industries that are destroying watersheds. Prime among these is the dam industry, which remains a major threat to freshwater sources and the human right to water around the world.

This compilation of case studies on anti-dam struggles highlights the ongoing plight of dam-affected communities and threats to their right to water. The Blue Planet Project sees mega dams as one of the biggest threats to scarce freshwater sources in the world today. The defence of freshwater against dams is intimately linked to struggles for social and economic justice in the world today.

Download the report Dam Truths: A compilation of case studies about popular struggles against dams (PDF 2mb)

Report Authors

Meera Karunananthan
Claudia Campero-Arena
Mary Galvin
Madhuresh Kumar

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