Evart, Michigan

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Apr 072017

It was recently announced that two city wells would be segregated and privatized for Nestlé’s use only. Nestlé would pay only about $250,000 a year for water worth tens of millions of dollars when sold in bottles as “natural spring water. There has been NO independent study of environmental impacts in this area. In response to these and other concerns about water extraction in Michigan, in 2005 Gov. Granholm issued a temporary moratorium on extracting water to be sold out of state; however, the Gov. allowed Nestlé to continue pumping water from Evart if the water was sold instate. Nevertheless, Nestlé is suing the state in federal court to reverse these restrictions on the grounds that the moratorium violates the U.S. Constitution’s interstate commerce clause. If Nestlé is successful, its actions could not only undermine state but key federal water protections in the process.

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