As the world’s biggest water profiteer, the French multinational Veolia Environment has had to reinvent its corporate image several times over the decades because of corruption scandals, human rights violations and bad labour practices. Today, Veolia continues to seek new markets outside its traditional base in Europe. The company owns hundreds of subsidiaries, including Veolia Water, Veolia Environmental Services, Veolia Energy and Veolia Transport, operating in dozens of countries.

The company is currently acting as a consultant in Dae-gu and Gyeongbak, South Korea where the 2015 World Water Forum (WWF) is being held. The WWF is a triennial trade show and water policy conference led by transnational corporations working in the water sector, including Veolia. The WWF will serve as a launch pad for Veolia in the region.

Here are 5 reasons to say “no” to Veolia in Dae-gu and Gyeongbak.

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