Water and Climate Change


The clear links between water and climate change are growing more apparent every day. As increased greenhouse gas emissions continue to pollute our planet’s atmosphere, we are seeing the ravages that result: floods, droughts, melting polar ice caps, altered coastlines, and extreme weather conditions, and others. Global fresh water sources are limited, and a growing population and corporate misuse that continues to over-extract, pollute and squander water threatens to dry up the world’s resources.

The Global South, where water-stressed areas are abundant – is also feeling the most impact from climate change. Scientists predict that as we continue to pollute the planet, the effects of climate change will worsen.

The Blue Planet project raises awareness about the link between the growing threats of climate change and the deepening water crisis. We have brought voices to United Nations climate negotiations and pressed governments for binding commitments on emission reductions. We continue to tell the stories of people whose very lives are in danger without access to clean, safe water. We are pushing for governments not only to recognize the impacts of climate change on our water resources, but to act immediately on solutions that will protect water for future generations.

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