Stanwood, Michigan

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Apr 072017

Nestlé received a permit to pump out 400 gallons of spring water per minute from a site within a wildlife sanctuary. Concerned community members, like Don Roy from Big Rapids Michigan, formed the Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation to challenge Nestlé’s permit. The judge ruled in favor of the community and said that Nestlé had to stop pumping water because pumping spring water at any level from this site was adverse to the environment. Nestlé immediately filed a stay and appealed the case. With the help of Governor Granholm and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the stay was permitted. The Appeals Court ruled on the case at the end of 2005, granting a partial victory to Nestlé , but ordered that the original court to preside over an agreement to limit the amount of water withdrawn to a ‘reasonable level.’ The MCWC agreed to a temporary settlement limiting Nestlé to 218 gallons per minute.

According to activist Don Roy who fought the Nestlé permit, the corporation offered all kinds of promises to local officials and community members. He said one of Nestlé’s plant managers attended local meetings and attempted to blend into the local community. He even pretended that he and his family would be permanent fixtures in the community and would make good neighbors. But now, he has left Michigan – most likely to lay the groundwork for Nestlé’s next bottling operation in another community like Mecosta County.

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