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New Delhi, December 29 : World Bank funding in water sector have had a turbulent history in India. In 1993, they had to withdraw their funding from Sardar Sarovar Project on Narmada river after stiff opposition from Narmada Bachao Andolan nationally and internationally. For nearly next ten years World Bank didn’t support any major dams […]

Action Alert for Temacapulín, México

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Dec 232011

Christmas and New Year’s Holiday bring mixed feelings to Temacapulín. This is a town that has seen many people migrate to cities in Mexico and the US and the holiday season brings many back home to celebrate with their family and friends in their hometown. However, the holiday season is also feared because those pushing […]

UPDATE: Alternatives needed to the Mullaperiyar dam

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Dec 112011

The Mullaperiyar dam is a 53-metre tall masonry gravity dam located in southern India. It was completed in 1895 on the Periyar River to divert water eastwards to the present-day state of Tamil Nadu. Although the dam is controlled and operated by Tamil Nadu, the dam is owned by and located in the state of […]

HidroAysén transmission line route announced

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Dec 072011

The Santiago Times reports, “On Monday, executives from Endesa and Colbún, the energy companies behind the controversial HidroAysén hydroelectric project slated for Patagonia, presented their proposed route for power lines to transfer electricity from five dams in southern Chile north to the central Metropolitan Region.” “The proposed route would run more than 1900 kilometres and […]

Feb 112011

The Inter Press Service has reported that the Zapotillo dam in Mexico “would divert the course of the Verde river and carry water to the cities of León and Guadalajara. The project, to be completed by late 2012, also involves the construction of a 140-km aqueduct from the dam, pumping plants, a disinfection plant, a […]

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