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May 2, 2014 – 8:12am Whitehorse-based Gabriel Resources is preparing an international arbitration case against the Romanian government because it rejected the proposed Rosia Montana gold and silver mine. This massive open-pit mine in the Carpathian mou…


February 19, 2014 – 6:50pm Vancouver-based Bear Creek Mining has been pushing for its controversial Santa Ana silver mine despite massive protests in 2011 against it and concerns that the mine could pollute the sacred Lake Titicaca.
Now they have issue…

20 years of NAFTA, 20 years of resistance

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Dec 282013

December 28, 2013 – 9:54am The Council of Canadians is supporting a march in Vancouver on January 1 to mark ’20 years of NAFTA, 20 years of resistance’.
As narrated in the film ‘A Place Called Chiapas’, “In Mexico City, members of the ruling party wer…

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