Water Justice News: Peru

May 222013

There are numerous controversial gold, silver and copper mining projects driven by Canadian companies in Peru. These mines include Barrick Gold’s Pierina gold mine near Mareniyoc, Candente Copper Corp’s proposed Cañariaco Norte copper mine in the Lambayeque region, the proposed Conga gold and copper mine in northern Peru, and the proposed open-pit Laguna Sur mine.


Despite ongoing protests, Vancouver-based Candente Copper Corp. is seeking to resume exploratory drilling at the Cañariaco Norte copper mine in the district of Cañaris in the Lambayeque region of northern Peru. Many are concerned that the mine will pollute local rivers and streams.
While Candente Copper claims that more than 700 people voted for the mine […]


ANDINA reports, “Rafael Correa, the president of Ecuador, proposed (on November 23) that his country, together with Peru and Colombia, address the problem of anti-mining activists who provoke violence while acting under the false pretext of defending the environment.” He says that there are protests against ‘clean mining’ projects that he claims do not harm […]


Fox News reports, “Civil society groups in Peru plan to begin a national march on Thursday (Feb. 2) to pressure lawmakers to ban mining in the headwaters of river basins, a contentious issue in one of the world’s top sources of base and precious metals. Supporters of the march also want Peru’s constitution to recognize […]

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