Water Justice News: Privatization

Jan 102012

Today, around 50 people from Spain and different parts of the world rallied in front of the corporate offices of Aguas de Barcelona (Agbar) in its base city. We had all had good reason to speak out against this transnational. People from Greece, Philippines and Italy spoke about the struggles of fighting against water privatization […]

Dec 162011

Business News Americas reports, “Chilean water utility Essal will auction the 40.5% stake the government holds in the company on December 16. …Last December, Chile’s government announced it would sell its stake in four water companies to pay for reconstruction following the massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake that struck central-southern Chile in February of that year. …The […]


A MASSIVE £4.8 billion of public money is being paid to multinational corporations to run water-works that are plagued with breakdowns and pollution, an investigation by the Sunday Herald has revealed. Internal reports from Scottish Water lay bare for the first time the scandal of contracts signed under the private finance initiative (PFI) backed by […]

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