Water Justice News: Privatization


We are at FAME (Forum Alternatif Mondial de l’Eau/ Alternative World Water Forum) this afternoon in ‘Cabaret Rouge 1′ for a Municipal Services Project (MSP) session on the need to connect research and activism. The session was introduced by saying that researchers need to be activists, and activists need to be researchers.
Council of Canadians chairperson […]


Nestlé Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe – who has stated that the idea of water as a basic human right is “extreme” – is attending the corporate World Water Forum in Marseille, France. He made comments there yesterday as his corporation launched their report ‘Creating Shared Value Report 2011, which outlines their take on the need for […]


The Financial Times reports, “June marks the 20th anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit… It is being marked by another summit, known as Rio+20. But while the 1992 meeting was policy-focused, with more than 100 heads of state turning up to hammer out a deal, business is set to play a much bigger role this […]


It has just been reported that 165,860 people voting in a popular referendum support the continued 100 per cent public ownership of the Canal de Isabel II water utility, while just 1,227 support its proposed privatization. That’s a 98.9 per cent vote in favour of public ownership.

In a campaign blog posted yesterday, we noted – […]


The Associated Press reports, “Residents of the Spanish capital are taking part in a non-binding protest referendum to express disagreement with regional government plans to privatize publicly owned water supplies. The centre-right Popular Party is committed to selling off 49 per cent of the network to Madrid and some of its suburbs in a bid […]

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