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Bolivia has develop a 56-point program for the Rio+20 summit this coming June.
Notable among their proposals:
1. In this century, the central challenges of sustainable development are: on the one hand, to overcome poverty and the tremendous inequalities that exist and, on the other hand, reestablish the equilibrium of the Earth system. Both objectives are intrinsically […]

Jan 132012

Joppe Cramwinckel, of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, writes in The Guardian that, “The Bonn2011 Conference clearly demonstrated that water, energy and food are inter-related. Producing more food requires more water and energy; many forms of energy production need water, we need water to cool power plants, refine crude oil and produce biofuels. […]

Right to Water in Mexican Constitution

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Sep 292011

I am so excited to announce that the Mexican Senate has voted to add the right to water to the Constitution just moments ago! This initiative also adds the right to a healthy environment! The initiative now needs to be voted in the majority of the state legislations, which might still take a few months, […]


For years, Mexican organizations have been pushing our government to acknowledge the human right to water and act accordingly. The Coalition of Mexican Organizations for the Right to Water (COMDA), together with other organizations, started a campaign for the right to water in 2006. However, it seemed unlikely at that time such an initiative would […]

Jan 272011

In a momentous decision, Botswana’s Court of Appeal today quashed a ruling that denied the Kalahari Bushmen access to water on their ancestral lands. With support from Survival, the Bushmen appealed a 2010 High Court judgment that prevented them from accessing a well which they rely on for water. The panel of five Appeal Court judges has […]

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