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The Tico Times reports, “Canadian mining company Infinito Gold on (June 20) threatened Costa Rica with a billion-dollar lawsuit after the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, or Sala IV, rejected a company appeal to strike down an earlier court’s annulment of a mining concession for Las Crucitas, a planned open-pit gold mine in the […]


Mother Jones reports, “China is ratcheting up its fracking ambitions with virtually no regard for groundwater protection or other environmental safety measures, according to a new investigation by the independent publication Caixin. The report points to an October 24 white paper on energy development released by China’s top cabinet which ‘calls for ramping up the […]

Sep 122012

The National Alliance of People’s Movements notes that for many years the Government of India has been trying to bring in a Land Acquisition Act but that mass resistance has stopped that from happening. The NAPM highlights that under such legislation, the “Government will acquire land for private projects and for public private partnerships.” Indian […]


According to the Government of Canada, “Canada is negotiating a free trade agreement with El Salvador and three other countries in Central America: Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Parallel agreements on labour and environment are also being pursued.” More specifically, a Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada web-page also notes, “On August 12, 2011, Prime Minister […]


The Times of India reports that the following issues are being discussed in the lead-up to the Rio+20 summit:

“global targets for reducing subsidies on social goods in the name of ‘getting prices right’ (allowing markets to operate without any intervention by the governments, even in supply of essential services like drinking water, food, public health, […]

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