Water Justice News: World Water Day


English  |  Español Ce 22 mars 2015, nous célébrons la Journée mondiale de l’eau en saluant les combats et les victoires du mouvement mondial pour la justice de l’eau. Ces progrès témoignent de la solidité des liens de solidarité qui nous unissent, ainsi que de la volonté sans faille de nos communautés à protéger les bassins versants […]

Mar 202015

English  |  Français Conmemoramos el Día Mundial del Agua 2015 celebrando las luchas y las victorias de los movimientos mundiales por la justicia del agua. Estos logros son testimonio de la fuerza de nuestros lazos de solidaridad y la determinación de las comunidades de proteger las cuencas y mantener el control sobre los servicios de […]

World Water Day Statement 2015

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Mar 202015

Español  |  Français We commemorate World Water Day 2015 by celebrating the struggles and victories of the global water justice movements. These achievements are a testament to the strength of our ties of solidarity and the resolve of communities to protect watersheds and maintain control over water services. We supported campaigns instituting the right to […]


March 21, 2014 – 6:21pm Agence France-Presse reports, “In a report published on the eve of World Water Day, (the United Nations) said the cravings for clean water and electricity were intertwined and could badly strain Earth’s limited resources. …T…


March 21, 2014 – 2:27pm Today we received this message from Johanna Rivera, from the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative. We had the pleasure to meet Johanna last March in the World Social Forum in Tunis where we prepared and carried out a joint…

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