Water Justice News: World Water Forum


The Guardian UK reports, “Governments have been accused of backtracking on their commitments after ministers at the World Water Forum were charged with failing to define water and sanitation as human rights. In a ministerial declaration, eighty-four government ministers and dozens of other national representatives endorsed the five-page statement calling for a ‘new approach’ to […]


The World Water Forum has blocked three governments from inviting Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow from speaking at a high-level panel tomorrow (Wednesday March 14) that will address ministers and government officials on ‘Making the Rights to Safe Water and Sanitation a Reality for All’.
The governments of Switzerland, Spain and Uruguay had invited Barlow, […]


The Associated Press reports, “Shortly after the World Water Forum opened Monday, five protesters were briefly detained after a group of activists caused a disruption by playing dead near the entrance, police said. The five were released after their documents were checked. The activists were trying to call attention to the thousands of children who […]


On Monday March 12, the water justice movement met with United Nations special rapporteur Catarina de Alburquerque, as well as eight national governments and the deputy mayor of Paris, outside the corporate World Water Forum in Marseille, France to highlight the need to implement the right to water and sanitation worldwide. Blue Planet Project staff […]


It is becoming clearer from multiple sources that Canada was the country that pushed to have language that explicitly affirmed the United Nations recognized right to water and sanitation removed from the draft Ministerial Declaration of the World Water Forum now being held in Marseille, France.
-In a February 28 media statement, Amnesty International and WASH-United […]

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