Water Justice News: World Water Forum


The Inter Press Service reports, “Organisers of the Alternative World Water Forum (known by its French acronym FAME), which will take place simultaneously as the World Water Forum, see the Forum as an outmoded apparatus, lagging woefully behind a growing movement for ‘water justice’ around the world.”
“‘If the right to water was adopted by the […]


The Council of Canadians, Food and Water Watch, and Focus on the Global South invite you to virtually Occupy the World Water Forum – a corporate trade show aimed at giving the world’s largest water multinationals privileged access to high-level policy making behind closed doors!
The World Water Forum, held every three years, is run by […]


The Inter Press Service reports, “Still going strong in over 1000 cities around the world from the Occupiers to the Arab Spring activists, the persistence and successes of each movement seem to fuel the others. The next issue the indignados plan to fight is the privatisation of water, at the next World Water Forum in […]

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