Our human Right2Water is of such fundamental importance that it should not be used as a political football by political parties, none of whom can claim the support of a majority of Irish citizens.

Since 2014 Irish Citizens have led the way in defending our human Right2Water against commodification and privatisation. In doing so Right2Water, the umbrella campaign of our water movement, have sought an honest public debate on these issues. We have also linked in with other campaigns in Europe and Northern America.

The European Water Movement is an alliance of water campaigners at European level who have led progressive change protecting our right to water and sanitation across the continent. They make representations both to nation states and transnationally including to the European Union and the European Commission. Their submission to Ireland’s ‘Expert Water Commission’ brings valuable and necessary illumination to this issue which should elucidate the water debate in Ireland.

The Blue Planet Project is co-ordinated by the world’s best known water campaigner, Maude Barlow. Maude is the author of 18 books on this and related topics and is also the person who led the successful campaign to have water declared as a human right at the United Nations (UN) in 2010. The invaluable submission from the Blue Planet Project draws massive worldwide experience of developments relating to our water and sanitation into an Irish context.

Working together here in Ireland, and around the world, we will not stop until there is universal acceptance and vindication of our human Right2Water.

Brendan Ogle and Dave Gibney
Co-Ordinators Right2Water Ireland

Download: Blue Planet Project Submission to the Expert Independent Water Commission
Download: Contribution from the European Water Movement to the Irish Independent Water Commission
Download: Right2Water submission to the Expert Commission on Domestic Public Water Services

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