Tlahuapan, Mexico

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Apr 072017

Nestlé Waters is currently extracting natural spring water from aquifers that are generated from the melting glaciers from the Iztaccíhualtel volcano. Nestlé Waters reportedly extracts up to 1 million litres of water per day, which is bottled under the Santa Maria brand. This extraction occurs in an area where individual consumption has been restricted and where the use of these water resources for agricultural production has been prohibited. The water flow from glaciers, particularly abundant during the rainy season, contributes to the regeneration of aquifers that provide water to the metropolitan areas of Mexico City and of the state of Puebla. Rural farmers and members of the Union of Forest Managers of the Izta-Popo (Unión de Silvicultores del Izta-Popo) are exerting pressure on the multinational company, located in Santa Cruz Otlatla. Recognizing the devastating impact of overexploitation on the environment, they have demanded that Nestlé Waters provide them with equipment to monitor clandestine activity and environmental degradation as well as to repair roads, to protect the community against wild fires and to construct forest nurseries.

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