Vittel, France

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Apr 072017

Nestlé Waters has a monopoly over the exploitation of two of the three aquifers in the region of Vittel and Contrexéville under the HEPAR, CONTREX, and VITTEL Grande Source brands. The multinational company has also been exploiting the third aquifer of the region, the Grès du Trias inférieur (GTI), and marketing its water under the brand name of VITTEL Bonne Source. The GTI however also provides tap water for residents in the region of Vittel and Contrexéville. The local water supply for residents is now being threatened as Nestlé Waters has demanded an increase in their water allocation in order to export their VITTEL Bonne Source brand to neighboring countries, such as Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. As water exploitation by Nestlé Waters persists and continues to deplete regional aquifers, the local water commission has expressed its desire to build pipelines, in order to supply local residents with water, that will reach aquifers, some 50 km farther, that are known to be polluted. The Collectif eau 88 is currently fighting for the protection of their precious water resources. Their main objectives are to resolve conflicts of interests between the commission responsible for water protection and the Nestlé Water company, the reduction in amount of water allocated for exploitation, and the assurance of greater public transparency.

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