Water Justice Toolkit

Delhi slums, women and water rations” by Ayesha Dsouza, Indian Youth Climate Network
(modified from original). CC-by-nc 2.0

The water justice toolkit is the joint effort of organizations and grassroots groups from around the world, that are loosely connected through the global water justice movement.

The global water justice movement is comprised of social movements, labour groups and NGOs who have worked together to challenge the global mechanisms that have promoted the corporate takeover of water in various forms at the local level.

As a trans-local movement, the global water justice movement has been successful over the decades in connecting local communities and frontline activists to broader struggles against the global neoliberal agenda. A passion for water has been at the heart of the struggles against trade agreements, unsustainable development projects and environmentally destructive extractive operations. Both in the global North and South, this passion for water has politicized and mobilized impacted communities.

Despite the tremendous victories of the past few decades, the global water justice movement is facing increasing threats as the world runs out of fresh water and corporations take advantage of the environmental and financial crises to cement their access to dwindling supplies. In September 2014, the Blue Planet Project and allies held a meeting to take stock of new and emerging threats and to develop a joint strategies to address these threats.

The idea of an online water justice toolkit emerged from those discussions as a strategy to consolidate our knowledge base and support local campaigns against the corporate takeover of water.

“Public Water for All” is the first module of this toolkit and includes tools to support local campaigns to defend and reclaim public water and sanitation services.

Public Water For All

Download Remunicipalization: A practical guide for communities and policy makers (PDF 7.4mb) Download Public-Community Partnerships in Latin America: An alternative vision for improving the water sector (PDF 3.8mb) Download Public Financing: Ensuring just and sustainable water infrastructure (PDF 3.7mb)

The tools can be downloaded for use by local campaigners in meetings with elected officials and decision-makers, to distribute to the public, to facilitate discussions within the community or to train local activists. We hope you’ll get in touch to let us know how you are using these tools and how we might improve future tools to suit your needs.

All materials are copyleft and can be reproduced and distributed as needed.