A media release issued by our ally CENSAT Agua Viva states that, “The committee of Promoters of the Water Referendum welcomes and thanks the Chamber of Representatives for its acceptation of the appeal brought forward by the committee by means of their spokesperson, Rafael Colmenares, which opens the road for reconsideration for return to the original text signed by more than 2 million Colombians.”

It continues that on May 26, “the appeal was voted with 66 in favor, and 26 against. The vote was supported by members of all parties, including those that are in favor of the government, unexpectedly. This fact constitutes an unusual manifestation of autonomy and independence of the Congress…”

It concludes, “we are thankful for the international solidarity received through ‘Red Vida’ and other networks and organizations that fight for the Human Right to Potable Water throughout the world and oppose the privatization of water and life.”

The Blue Planet Project/ Council of Canadians is a member of the Red Vida network.

To read Anil Naidoo’s ‘ACTION ALERT: Support the right to water in Colombia’, please go to http://www.canadians.org/action/2009/19-May-09.html. His letter in this action alert was signed by 212 international organizations from 61 countries.

The original media release in Spanish is available at http://censat.org/noticias/2009/5/27/Aceptada-la-Apelacion-del-Comite-Promotor/

The English translation is at http://censat.org/noticias/2009/5/28/Appeal-by-Committee-of-Promoters-of-Water-Referendum-Accepted-in-Colombian-Congress/

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