“Quebecois and Canadian taxpayers’ money is causing the death and dispossession of Indigenous peoples in Guatemala”

What part do we want to play? Be part of the problem or be at the heart of the solution?

The financial ties that link us to mining companies also enable us to take action! Divestment is a straight forward action that can incite a company to modify unacceptable conduct. In response to human rights violations and environmental deterioration in Guatemala, do your part and participate in the divestment campaign.

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Did you know that your money is likely being used to fund the activities of several Canadian mining companies throughout the world? Did you know that these firms’ mining projects are carried out without the consent of local populations, often with tragic outcomes for people and the environment? Most of us do not set out to fund the extractive industry and may not even be aware that we do so through investments in mutual funds, banking institutions, and pension funds.

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Kinnie StarrMusician and activist Kinnie Starr supports The Money Thread campaign.

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