Toolkit: A call to divest from Canadian mining companies Goldcorp and Tahoe Resources

This toolkit provides an overview of the Canadian precious metals mining industry in Guatemala. It examines the legislative framework that permits the ongoiong impunity of mining companies and the harmful impacts mining causes to human health and the environment. This toolkit is the foundation of the awareness campaign launched by the PAQG and the Council of Canadians that calls on people to think about how their money is being invested and to take action to ensure human rights are respected and the environment is protected in Guatemala.

The PAQG has a long history of defending human rights in Guatemala and has gathered information and documentation regarding four mining projects by Goldcorp and Tahoe Resources, the companies targeted for this divestment campaign. This does not mean that these two companies are the only ones accused of violating rights and destroying of the environment.

The public should know about where their money is invested and the impacts of their investments in countries around the world. This is truer than ever in a globalized world where investment and consumption can tie the Canadian taxpayer to the worker from Bangladesh, or the K’iche native of Guatemala.

All of the facts presented in this toolkit have been observed, documented or reported by the media, local organizations and official sources. References to those sources are detailed in footnotes throughout the toolkit.